Theme 2-1

Study start test

A website featuring knowledge about computers and other tech. This assignment challenged the know-how regarding basic use of the grid property, to create a streamlined layout with responsiveness. The task also demanded that a poorly matched layout and wireframe was followed.

Theme 2-2

Subject website

A website featuring a topic of choice picked by the student, in this case pointy hats. This assignment is a direct successor to the study start test. The assignment was an exercise in creating original content for the website as well as structuring a functional website that also featured responsiveness. In this assignment I focused alot on design details and within.

Theme 3

Mock-up website

A mock-up website for a fictional T-shirt webshop, in this case dressed to look like part of a record label. This assignment was an exercise in research, data collection and design development. Through an idea phase a USP (unique selling proposition) was created as the webshop foundation, followed by a quick sketching phase of possible UX´s (user experience) and UI´s (user interface) that could be implemented on the webshop. At the end of the process a fully functional prototype for a webshop emerges and is ready for user testing. Initialy using XD was challenging as it was unknown territory to me.

Theme 4

Animation: Game

A website containing a mini-game based on whack a mole and duck shooting gallery. This assignment was an introduction to JS (java script), how to make animations with css (cascading style sheet) and the use of SVG-files. The relation of using id and classes were also further explained. Animation is time consuming and therefore compromises on creativity had to be made.

Theme 5-1

Video website

A website containing a video created by a two man group and the photographic evidence to back up the claim. This assignment forced the speed of learning a video editing program riddled with errors. Furthermore it laid no real foundation or prospects for how actual group assignments work, as the assignment split into individual work and product.

Theme 5-2

Company website

A website containing a brand new presence for a business in dire need of an online face lift. This assignment tested the ability to adhere to and understand the needs of a customer and create a product in their image. Github was used as a common repository, where all files would be uploaded in order to compose the website. Cooperation was a main factor, involving problem solving, testing and working closely together, with both the costumer and your team.